Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Camellias and Snowdrops

A flower hidden ... does not become less beautiful ... .
                                                    --Tsunyota Kohe't

Ordinarily this time of year, 
I would look out the breakfast room window 
and see deep rose-pink camellia blossoms.

And if I were to look out the dining room window,
I would see a cluster of pure white snowdrops
basking in the sun.

But this year, after weeks of unusually cold weather
and freezing temperatures,
there are no camellia blossoms and no snowdrops.
Even the evergreen leaves are dark, almost black, and hanging down. 
It all looks a little forlorn.

And despite today's warm sunshine and temperatures in the 50s,
my winter flowers remain hidden.
My only consolation is 
that this will make the arrival of spring
that much sweeter.

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