Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Candy for Valentine's Day

It's hard to imagine St. Valentine's Day without chocolates,
but there are other candies equally emblematic of this holiday.
For example, where would we be without our "conversation hearts"?
Conversation hearts are those chalky little pastel hearts
with pre-printed messages:  "Be mine," "True Love," and "Hug Me"
all come to  mind.
The web site bhg.com tells us that the conversation hearts 
we're familiar with date back to 1902, 
manufactured by the NECCO Candy Company.
An earlier version dates back to the 1860s,
so they've been around a very, very long time.

But nowadays, non--chocolate candies come in a wider variety of shapes and sizes.
These little red, white, and pink candy hearts would be so cute in a glass dish:
Google Images

These Valentine's Day lollipops are fun, too. 
If you click on the link, there is a recipe for making these at home:

This next one is an innovative way 
to salvage the tiny candy canes leftover
after Christmas. Click on the link for this recipe too:

And let's not forget red hots:

and jelly beans:

To paraphrase Shakespeare: All sweets for the sweets!

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