Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine's Day Food Ideas

I once saw a cooking program 
that showed how to make palm trees out of carrots and green peppers,
and little penguins out of hard-boiled eggs and black olives.
It's silly, but I like the creativity.
So I browsed the Internet for creative food ideas for Valentine's Day
and found some cute things.

This first photo is of apples and watermelon cut into tiny heart shapes.
For some reason, skewers elevate the ordinary,
and people love them.
Aren't these cute?

Heart shaped pizza with heart-shaped toppings:

Isn't this creative? A red apple and a green one
trade little heart cut outs:

And more fun with food:
grape tomatoes cut on the diagonal and then joined together in a heart shape:

I think I'm officially in love.

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