Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Begonia Carpet in Brussels

Last year when I was researching begonias
for this blog, I happened across something I had never heard of before:
a flower carpet. Specifically, a flower "carpet" of begonias in Brussels,
a tradition that has been recreated bi-annually since the early 1970s.

Photo: Aaron Ross, 2007, Clemson Extension,

Since I wrote about begonias in general yesterday,
I thought I would write about them in particular today
by sharing photos of the Brussels begonia carpets through the years.
This is the carpet for 2006:

Here's one from 2010, described in the blog Bella Floral:

This one is copied from
The text in the upper left corner reads: 
"The first Carpet of Flowers was created in 1971
as a way to promote begonias. 
Each square metre of ground contains more than 300 flowers."

This one of the 2004 carpet is from the web site Event Horizons 17:

This one is from

This last one is also from It's very pretty,
but its been stylized to show more vivid colors than reality.

Amazing what beauty and whimsy people can create when they work together!

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