Monday, June 10, 2013

Pariedolia for Blue Mondays

I don't know much about the web site called 'The Daily What"
but it has some very funny pariedolia images
that don't appear to be photo-shopped as some are.
Here's a popcorn kernel that made me laugh:
Popcorn Pareidolia of the Day

Here's one from another website, say ahhh:

And this one of a cinnamon roll that looks like Mother Teresa
has been on various internet sites for awhile.
The following was copied from

And there is this example of pariedolia.
It reminds me of E.T., the Steven Speilberg ExtraTerrestrial from the 80s:

And this one, looks like a fish to me. 
But what do you think?

Pariedolia is like abstract art,
everyone sees something different.
And that can be a lot of fun.

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