Sunday, June 23, 2013

"Supermoon" 2013

Last night the moon was clear and bright over the Shire,
but occasionally obscured by dark clouds.
I hope tonight will be clear so we can see the "Supermoon" of 2013.
This June's supermoon is a full moon, showing itself on June 23rd.
Here is a photo of  the May 6, 2012 supermoon
shining over the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, 
taken by Victor R. Caivano of the Associated Press:
Photo credit: Victor R. Caivano, 

According to internet reports,
this will be the biggest full moon of the year,
and it will be about 16,000 + miles closer than normal
since the moon is in perigee; 
that is, its orbit is bringing it closest to the earth.
The moonlight should be 30% brighter than other full moons.
And because it's occurring so near to the Summer Solstice,
it will appear to be even closer.
So when the moon gets that close and shines that bright,
 it really is a cosmic event.

Here's the supermoon of 2011 as seen in Russia. 
Photo is by Smirnov Vladimir, ITAR/TASS:
The supermoon in Russia in 2011 (© Smirnov Vladimir/ITAR-TASS Photo/Corbis)
Photo Credit: Smirnov Vladimir, ITAR/TASS

Every year there is a supermoon,
and every year it seems I miss it either because the sky is too cloudy
or I fall asleep too early.
This year, I hope the stars align and conditions are right for me to witness it. 
If not, than I hope you get to see it where you are.
It should cast some lovely shadows.

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