Sunday, June 2, 2013

Ivy Geranium

Yesterday I brought home a beautiful ivy geranium.
I saw it sitting alone, overlooked by shopper after shopper.
So I rescued it from a fate of withered blossoms and yellowed leaves.

I've always liked ivy geraniums better than the regular geraniums
because of their trailing habit.
I especially like the bright pink ones.
Pink is such a happy color.

The ivy geraniums are more tender than regular geraniums.
I've read they can't tolerate temperatures over 85 degrees,
which explains why in the past  I've lost them before summer's end.

Photo credit: Normans/Mullaney, 

But I am an optimist where flowers are concerned.
And even if my geranium doesn't survive till November, 
it will be like Edna St. Vincent Millay's 
candle that burns at both ends. 
It may not last, but what a lovely light it will give while it is still here.

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