Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day 2013

Feathered Fathers 

I returned home this week after almost a week out of town.
I love where I was visiting, but there's nothing quite like returning  home.
So the first morning back, I got up early and sat on my deck
and enjoyed the garden fountain, the flowers, and the birds.

And while I sat there drinking my coffee, 
a bright red cardinal fed a squawking baby cardinal 
with bits and pieces from under the feeder.
It occurred to me then that it wasn't a mother feeding her newborn,
it was a father.
So in honor of Father's Day, 
here are some feathered fathers tending their young.

This first one is of a father cardinal feeding a fledgling,
written by Laura (no last name):
Photo Credit: Laura,

Since the male and female blue jays are identical 
and both feed their young, I'm going to say for our purposes,
this may be a father blue jay.
This photo is by Alex Carrier:
Photo credit: Alex Carrier, 

Here is an expectant father robin feeding a female robin on the nest.
This photo is by Robin Arnold:
Photo Credit: Robin Arnold,

Happy Father's Day!

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