Tuesday, June 18, 2013


When I think of what to write for this blog,
it seems my thoughts are still turning to flowers.
I'm still very much in a flower mood.
Every day of summer brings 
another beautiful bloom to contemplate and enjoy.

Yesterday evening I was sitting on my deck after a summer rain--
a particularly heavy rain.
I was impressed with how the begonias held up to the onslaught.
They look delicate, but they are tough.
So I can't think of anything better to write about
than to celebrate the resilience and beauty of begonias.

All of my begonias are white, light pink, and dark pink.
That makes these orange-sherbet looking ones quite a treat:

A lot of people grow the dark red-leafed begonia,
as seen interplanted with sweet alyssum and coleus in the photo below.
I'm not a huge fan of red leaves--
unless of course that red is a bright scarlet or vermilion--
so I never buy these:

These red begonias are just amazing!


Begonias in a pot or garden are attractive, but in the right hands,
begonias can take on a magnificence that inspires a sense of awe.
In fact, people will travel miles to see these flowers because they are so fabulous.
Tomorrow, a look at begonias in a grander environment.

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