Sunday, June 9, 2013

About Face: Pariedolia, Part 3

Now here is where pariedolia can make one superstitious.
This photo is from 
It is described as "the face on Mars," 
discovered during the Viking mission in July 1976.
It looks just like a human face, 
and apparently at the time sparked lots of speculation about extraterrestrials.
However, the image was not visible from other perspectives,
so NASA concluded it was an anomaly caused by the shadow of the sun.
Okay, that, or an extraterrestrial watching us from afar. ;-)
File:Martian face viking cropped.jpg

I like this one  much better. 
The photo below is from
Our chrome friend looks a bit perplexed, 
probably wondering why no one has cleaned him for awhile:

Tomorrow, another look at pariedolia.

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