Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Crescent Moon

The past two nights here in the Shire,
we have seen the most intensely beautiful crescent moon.
The first night as we were leaving the Bayfront,
the sliver of moon glowed yellow in the night sky
as if it really were a celestial body made from cheese.
Nearby, the evening star twinkled with a strong light.
Whenever the crescent moon and Venus, the evening star,
pair up like that, we call it a Carolina Moon 
because the symbol for South Carolina is a crescent moon and a palmetto tree.

This is close to what the moon looked like the other night although not as yellow;
and the star was off to its right, not below as in this photo 
by Carmem Lucia on morguefile.com:

Last night the yellow crescent moon was back
but I didn't see the evening star with it.
Funny how the golden glow from the moon
seems to so clearly say autumn is coming.

I'm sure there's a scientific reason for silvery moons
and butter yellow harvest moons, 
but I don't want to know what it is.
I'd rather the change of colors remain 
part of the mystery of the seasons.

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