Monday, September 16, 2013

Fall Flowers: Goldenrod

During our drive to Southampton County over the weekend,
I saw masses of tall goldenrod (solidago) growing along some of  the fields. 
Coincidentally, goldenrod is #3 in the Better Homes and Gardens
list of top flowers for fall.


Better Homes and Gardens says the idea that goldenrod 
contributes to allergies is a myth because its pollen is too heavy to be airborne.
Instead, it clings to butterflies and bees,
who find goldenrod nectar very tasty.

Goldenrod and ragweed both have long yellow blossoms,
so that may be why they are sometimes mistaken for one another.
But I suspect the goldenrod is more beautiful 
in late summer bouquets like these from the Gardenista blog:

As Albert Camus once said,
"Autumn is a second spring..."

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