Thursday, September 12, 2013


I love flowers as much as anyone.
If I had more time, I would try to plant flowers 
that would give continuous blooms from January through December--
not out of the question here in the Shire,
where we have had many Januaries in which roses have bloomed.

So now that it is September, 
I've been looking at  fall flowers.
One that I like is the anemone, a member of the ranunculus family.
I like the anemone's bowl-shaped flower and black center:

One of the best things about anemones is 
that they are one of the few black and white flowers,
like these from Tangerine Creations:

Japanese anemones are the ones that do the best in the autumn,
others bloom through the end of summer.
The petals will drop off and blow away in the wind,
one reason for the anemone's nickname of "wind flower."
Greek myth says that the flowers come from Venus,
the goddess of love.
Maybe that's why people love anemones so much:
love and affection cast away on an autumn breeze.

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