Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Carolina Wren

The wren, a second mystery solved...

I've written before about the wrens that frequent our deck 
and small wooded area behind our house.
Last year, I shared the mystery of the bell chime that rang
the same moment I had reached a conclusion after quiet reflection under it.
It hadn't been divine inspiration after all, rather a small wren roosting 
on the frame of the iron clapper  inside.
Every time the wren flew out, the bell would ring--
I just happened to be under it at the right time.

But recently, another backyard mystery began.
I have a tiny piece of weathered wood
crafted to look like a small bird house. 
Its light blue paint is rough and  faded .
It has a  rusted metal A-line roof and wire bail  for hanging it up.
This summer I put it on the post of the deck gate,
now always open since we got a small exercise pen
around the deck for our pekes.

This isn't my birdhouse, but I saw it online at Tiny House blog 
and thought it was adorable

But almost every day, I would find the little bird house on the ground.
I'd put it back. The next day it would be on the ground again.
I suspected--who else? Squirrels, those agile tricksters
who are always getting in places they shouldn't.
The day before yesterday, I was sitting in the breakfast room
which overlooks the gate.

Carolina wren

Suddenly a wren flew in with a large worm in its mouth.
It lighted on the peak of the faux bird house's tiny rusted tin roof
and proceeded to bang the worm against the edge of it 
several times before flying off. 
And when the wren and its captive morsel flew off,
so did the tiny bird house.
Mystery solved.

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