Thursday, September 19, 2013

Autumn Joy Sedum

I'm always surprised at how many people 
wax enthusiastically about autumn. 
There is much about autumn that I like, 
but I can't pretend to love it.

But a couple of the things I do like about autumn 
are the pumpkins and colorful chrysanthemums.
And there's no denying the beauty of a sunny September day
without the haze of humidity.
But most of all, I like seeing dark red flowers come the third season.
One of those that is very deep wine red 
is the aptly named Autumn Joy Sedum--
no doubt so named by someone who loves autumn a little too much.
This sedum's German name is herbstfreude, meaning "autumn pleasure."
When even the flowers are happy its autumn,
you know you're outnumbered.

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