Sunday, September 22, 2013

Falling Leaves

Welcome Autumn

Yesterday morning, the last day of summer,
 the sky was the deepest of azure blue,
and the white cirrus clouds were visible in the northeastern sky.

As I was walking with my dogs, 
each of us enjoying the warm sun in our own way,
one perfect yellow maple leaf
fluttered down right in front of me
and rested near my foot.
Maple Leaf, Yellow, Stone, Autumn, Journal, Plant

I thought to myself, who could be sending me a message
with this yellow leaf?
But I soon dismissed the idea as too fanciful.

Photo from moonlightbulb creative commons

Then as I drove down the tree-lined street
which leads out of my neighborhood,
dozens of tiny golden-yellow crepe myrtle leaves caught by the breeze 
showered down in front of me.

The sky, the sun, the leaves...
just a little autumn magic.

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