Monday, September 23, 2013

The Change of Seasons

Four Seasons? Think Again!

So the Autumnal Equinox has given us our first real nudge into fall.
Ordinarily, I think most people would consider Fall the third season,
after Spring and Summer--at least that's how I conceptualize it.

But I stumbled upon a web site 
They say that there aren't four seasons, there are six, each two months long:

Early Spring (February, March);
 Late Spring (April, May);

Photo credit: Max Moskal,

Summer (June, July);

Autumn (August, September);

Early Winter (October, November);
 and Late Winter (December, January).

I have to say, at first I liked the idea of splitting winter into two shorter seasons--
it makes the cold, dreary days seem more manageable.
But then I noticed that by this interpretation of the seasons,
Autumn will be over in exactly 7 days.
Seven days!
We haven't even gotten down the road
to spectacular fall colors like these yet:

 But that's what they say.
Early Winter will begin when the clock strikes October 1st.
Maybe the Tibetan calendar of seasons isn't for me after all.

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