Monday, September 2, 2013

Bird Houses that Really Move

Yesterday's blog had a photo of the cutest little
bird house designed to look just like a 1950s style camper.
Here it is again:

I had copied the photo from,
but it is on several different internet sites. 
When I went looking for it again today on Google images, 
I found lots of little bird houses in this same style. 
They come in school-bus yellow, black, red, turquoise and red,
olive, peach, and full silver.

Here's an Airstream version complete with a step and propane tanks:

If your backyard birds are too groovy for the 1950s, 
there are VW buses for them:
Camper Van Birdhouse

Maybe your birds are really far out, like all the way to space,
so a rocket birdhouse would be more to their liking;

For birds who prefer a slower ride, how about a bicycle birdhouse?

And if your birds want a little history with their food and lodging,
here's a covered wagon bird house: 

Tomorrow, some more unusual birdhouses.

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