Friday, May 10, 2013


Yesterday I ended up in one of those massive traffic jams
that brings everyone to a full stop for awhile.
It's irritating and annoying, but what can one do?
Basically, nothing but to enjoy the scenery.

So while I was stuck in place, 
I rolled down my window and looked at--what else?--
the grasses and flowers in the median.
And there were many I hadn't noticed before 
as I was zipping by in my car.

There was one particularly graceful long-stemmed grass
with feathery tops.
I've seen it a lot, but haven't discovered  yet what it is.

And there was purple clover, one of my favorites:
Google Images:

And drifts of tiny white clover, a favorite of ground hogs:
Google Images:

And lots and lots of cheerful little buttercups:
Google Images:

And the tiny blue blossoms of speedwell hugged the ground:
Posted by Pete Landschoot,

And there was one more wildflower, 
a mysterious imposter in fact.
I will describe it in tomorrow's blog.

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