Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bridal Wreath Spirea

Yesterday while I was driving home,
I passed by a number of white flowering shrubs 
that were growing along the highway.
I think they were probably blackberries,
but they reminded me of spirea.

My maternal grandparents' house was surrounded by spirea.
Every May, the shurbs would become heavy from the long trailing white blossoms.
This photo from the 20-Minute Garden
 looks similar to the facade of their house:

Besides being graceful, spirea have a lovely, delicate-yet subtle--perfume.
Here are some more spirea,
Alice M. Coats in Garden Shrubs and their Histories
describes the flowers as "fairy parasols' or 'bridal wreaths':

Here, white blossoms cascade from leaves of green:

A rustic driveway lined with spirea:

These white spirea tumble down to meet purple iris:

Spirea--just one more nice thing about May.

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