Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sweetbay Magnolia

Years ago, I saw a photo of a sweetbay magnolia tree,
a magnolia virginiana to be exact,
in an issue of Southern Living Magazine.
I fell in love with the young tree's slender branches, 
green leaves, and creamy white blossoms.
And I resolved to one day have a sweetbay magnolia tree of  my own.

And now through a happy twist of fate, I have two. 
One is a bit too sheltered, so it rarely blooms, 
but the other is in our sunny front yard and blooms every May.
The perfume is very similar to the larger Southern Magnolias
that bloom in our neighbors' yards, 
except the sweetbay magnolia carries a faint touch of lemon.


And oh, what a delicious perfume permeates the air this time of year
with boxwoods, pinks and jasmine, 
and two kinds of magnolias scenting the air.

The lovely perfumes of spring are one of the best things about living in Virginia,
but scented flowers are a gift of nature anywhere they are found.

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