Monday, May 6, 2013

The New Life of Spring

While I'm usually focused on the emerging flora of spring,
I occasionally get a chance to see baby birds, goslings,
and one spring, baby foxes and possums.
But it occurs to me, I've never seen baby squirrels,
which this website: All about Squirrels,
says are called kittens.

Baby foxes photo from Amy_119, Live Journal

Regardless, there is something magical about the new life of spring,
so here are some of my favorites:

Here's a fledgling blue jay
"Conscious Gardener" of Austin, Texas
was lucky enough to have four of these baby blue jays:

Here's a baby jay photo posted by Shelly Cox on the blog web site 
This one is a little older. It still has that gawky look.

photo, Shelly Cox

I saw a gaggle of geese this weekend. 
Lots of little yellow fuzzy goslings like these:

And here is a baby squirrel "kitten":

The cycle of life.
And so it goes ... 

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