Monday, May 27, 2013


Yesterday I finally got outside to do some more flower planting--
actually preparation for flower planting 
since I had to move the creeping jenny, also called moneywort,
which had taken over the planter boxes on our deck.
Once the water-logged impatiens drowned out of the boxes completely last year, 
the creeping jenny was unencumbered and easily filled them.
I moved them to a new bed of hosta in hopes they would cover the bare spots.
I'm sure next summer I will need to remove "jenny" from there--
perhaps a move under the ferns and adjacent hydrangea.

And speaking of hydrangeas,
I noticed that my hydrangea cutting from last year
has two large green flower heads--one of my favorite colors of late.
Here's a photo from "Petit Fleurs Events" blog by Corrina Kulhanek,
that looks as my hydrangea blossoms do right now:

The hydrangeas we have growing in the backyard, where the soil is more acidic,
always turn the most luscious color of blue,
as  this blossom from last May shows:

The hydrangeas in the front yard, always bloom in pinks and creams and violets:

And sometimes, the hydrangea in the front  blooms with all four colors
at the same time, in varying degrees:

I love my hydrangeas, but I confess a  secret longing
for the lace-cap variety I've seen in garden centers.
Here's a blue variety:

Here's a lace cap hydrangea in pink:

And there is no doubt I'd love a creamy white hydrangea, too.
This image from "Bryant Park Blog" is of an oak leaf hydrangea:

That is one of the great things about hydrangeas, 
there's one to suit everybody's preference.

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