Sunday, May 19, 2013

Chippokes Plantation

We returned to Chippokes Plantation this weekend
and managed to bike for several miles and beach comb for a couple of hours--
before the heavy rains set in.
The rain went on for hours and hours
so we didn't get to ride or hike again before checking out this morning. 
No barbecue either, but that's life.
Sometime you get sun, sometime you get rain.

This is the former tenant house we stayed in:

And here is an aerial photograph of Chippokes Plantation. 
The James River is in the upper third of the photo:

Even with the torrential rain,
 it was a relief to be somewhere without a phone or a computer--
or even cable television. Left us time to smell the freshly mown hay.
We saw four deer and the flattened grass where they had spent the night.
There were  lots of birds and turtles and rabbits.
And a goat that jumped up on a large rock.
He was sure-footed and didn't teeter back and forth at all.

Even though we're half-way through May, 
the only flowers blooming on the plantation
were field daisies and Queen Anne's lace and water iris.
daisy photo,

The water iris were a bright yellow color
and grew in the salt marsh on the land-side of the James River beach.
They are always a nice surprise in the deep shade.
But the water iris weren't the only surprise along the River.
We discovered another...
and I'll share it tomorrow.

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