Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Indian Blanket Flower

Yesterday I saw some Indian Blanket Flowers
growing near a neighbor's house. They are such hardy flowers, 
growing in less than hospitable places.
In Florida they grow right out of the sandiest of soils.
And best of all, they come in beautiful sunset colors.

The web site State Symbols says that the Indian Blanket Flower,
the state flower of Oklahoma,
is also called "firewheel."
And says the flower is also called "sundance."
All three names conjure up the beauty of the prairie.

Indian Blanket Flower seems like a good choice
for those of us who like a flower that can fend for itself.
And here in Tidewater, those come in pretty handy 
about the time the dog days of August arrive.
Indian Blanket Flowers don't mind heat and drought and will re-seed themselves.
In some areas they fill entire meadows,
but I haven't seen that kind of proliferation here.

says the Kiowa Indians believed this flower brought them good luck.
I suppose if I do get some Indian Blanket Flower planted this spring,
it may not bring me good luck,
but I'm pretty sure it will bring butterflies and bees to my garden.
And when you think about it, 
that's pretty lucky.

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