Friday, August 15, 2014

Wild Violets

Sometimes while hiking, I have come upon small wood violets
nestled in the detritus of the forest floor. 
Full of charm, they look lovely.
So one day when I was at my mom and dad's house,
I took a start of the violets
 they had growing in a small bed near the back door.
I brought the violets home, planted them,
and spent a couple of seasons nurturing them
until they were lush and full enough to shelter the nesting wrens.

I knew violets could be invasive, 
and I was aware some propagate by springing their seeds out into the air. 
Even so, I was pretty confident 
 they would not be able to throw them very far
from the window box on our wood deck.

The violets are coming up everywhere.
Yards away in our moss path,
yards the other way in a flower bed around the corner of the house.
Violets with a mind of their own.
It's a good thing I like them.

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