Monday, August 18, 2014

Redbud Trees

The Irresistible Nature of Redbud Trees in Late Summer

 I discovered something new about redbud trees.
The two redbuds we planted outside the garage
are in full leaf and hundreds of thin brown seed pods 
are hanging from the branches.
And I have been anticipating their dropping
and eventually showing up as tiny green seedlings in my flower beds--
which is how these two trees started out eleven years ago. image uploaded by pippalou

But today I heard a flutter of titmice in the branches.
I thought maybe they were fledglings with a parent,
but after I watched them awhile, I realized they were adults.
And they were pecking at the slender seedpods, 
cracking the seeds, and eating them.
Soon they departed and a few chickadees flew in and did the same thing.
I guess you just can't keep a good thing quiet.

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