Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Moss or Boxwood

This is my second summer spent painting kitchen cabinets.
It's really not a very big kitchen, 
but there are cabinets lining 3 of the walls, plus an island.
So I paint and think about how I'll decorate my breakfast room table
when it is no longer a painting station.

I'd like to have a Meyer lemon tree there, 
or maybe a rosemary topiary or a bay tree.
But I'm realistic about what will grow there in the breakfast room; 
I've already killed a rosemary topiary and a bay tree.
I figure a Meyer lemon wouldn't stand a chance.

So I'm leaning toward a dried moss topiary.
On the other hand, I really prefer a live plant.
Since I haven't killed the boxwood growing in pots on my front porch yet,
 I may try a live miniature boxwood in a pot on the table.

And if that doesn't work, well,
the Meyer lemon has been forewarned.

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