Friday, August 8, 2014

Marigolds as Meditation

As most gardeners know, 
the best way to keep marigolds growing thick and full of blossoms
 is to dead head the flowers that have finished blooming.
Sometimes I do this early in the morning,
but more often I enjoy dead heading them  in the late afternoon,
after the heat of the day has gone.

There are some good reasons not to enjoy dead heading marigolds:
the strong odor, yellowed fingers, the multitudes of tiny "no-see-ums,"
little flying insects lighter than air and quicker than your ability to swat them away
as they rise from the flowers.
But this evening  I could hear bees buzzing,
cardinals chirping, and the low whirring sound of cicadas in the woods.
Dead heading marigolds becomes meditation.

 I collect the spent flower heads in a bucket
and then toss them into the woods where I can see them from my kitchen window.
A beautiful golden swath of yellow and golden orange blossoms
brighten the otherwise dull tan and brown forest floor.
Marigolds as meditation--and as art.

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