Friday, August 22, 2014

Robins in Late Summer

This morning there was a small commotion
in the tall Chindo viburnum shrubs.
This time of year they get beautiful red berries,
and apparently those berries attracted a few robins
who were feeding with a lot of unrestrained enthusiasm.
They left only a few:

While the robins this morning indulged in a happy frenzy of eating,
 the ones I saw yesterday were more subdued--
so much so, I wondered what they were up to.
The entrance to our part of the neighborhood has a median full of crape myrtle trees.
Very shady, very pretty.
And it's the place where I've seen lurking vultures 
evenly spaced along the sidewalks on each side of the street.
Yesterday, a dozen robins were doing the same thing:
lined up, evenly spaced looking out into the street.
Must be something about the air currents there; 
on the other hand, they could know something we don't.

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