Monday, August 25, 2014

August 25th

Another cool, windy day today.
I have to remind myself this is August and not October.
It feels at least like late September.
Even so, it's too early for the colorful flowers of fall: 
asters, chrysanthemums, and goldenrod.
The flowers of summer appear less robust than they were,
with fewer blooms and more seed heads.
Right now, things are primarily green.

When I was walking this evening, 
I noticed the thorny greenbrier vine
 thick all along the edge of the wood.
And the pine needles are still green, as are the maple saplings,
leafy oaks, and the star-shaped gum tree leaves. 
Even the water in the ponds is collecting green moss.
One last dance in an emerald gown
before the autumn gala begins.

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