Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Paleo Diet

It seems a new trend is gaining popularity:
the idea of the "paleo diet,"
which is to eat only meat, fruits and vegetables,
while avoiding grains, starches, and dairy.

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According to an article on 
dining like a dinosaur or a hominid is supposed by some to be healthier.
Seriously? No oatmeal? No rice? 
No bread and butter?
No mashed potatoes?
No cheese? 
No thanks!

There is an irony at work here, I think.
People obsess over their health 
while doing nothing substantive to improve it.
We could learn from the animals and wildlife around us.

Sleeping Goose - North Pond Nature Sanctuary - Chicago, USA
Photo by Brad Harbach, April 29, 2012 
on the Absolute Visit Trip blog, accessible here:
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Yesterday I saw a sleeping goose curled up on a pedestal planter 
in the middle of a fountain.
The sun was warm, the sky was blue,
and she rested peacefully between a parking lot and an office building
as people moved around her at their usual frantic pace, 
on their way to sit in front of computers 
in an enclosed space  for several hours.

I think it's best if we look to the goose and other creatures
for guidance, and rather than remove a variety of healthy foods from our diets,
to live a life more in tune with the rhythms of nature.
Like our resting goose, 
who takes advantage of  a blue sky and warm sun to linger awhile
and "to sleep, perchance to dream."
And to keep ordering an occasional pizza 
with cheese on top and crust on the bottom.

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