Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mary had a Little Lamb

Flocks of lamb and sheep are uncommon here in the Tidewater part of Virginia.
So many people have never seen a lamb enjoying the first warm days of spring.
It is a lot of fun, actually.
No creature gets into the joy of a spring day better than a baby lamb does.


Lambs love to frolic in the warm spring sunshine.
They will also jump straight up into the air,
lifting off from all four feet.
It's as if they had springs on the bottom of their feet.

The first time I ever saw a lamb jump like that,
I was amazed. I remember running home to tell my mom 
that a lamb had jumped straight up into the air,
a fact she already knew but had never shared with me.
I guess some things are more difficult to work into a conversation than others.

If you've never seen a lamb jump, here's an opportunity.
It's a youtube video of a domesticated lamb jumping on its owner's bed.
It's pretty cute. To watch, click here on this link:

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