Monday, April 15, 2013

Moss Pinks

"More Signs of Spring: Azaleas and Moss Pinks"

This weekend we experienced the most exquisite spring days in the Shire.
Warm, sunny--the kind of days that make us want to lie down in the sun 
and stretch out the way the neighborhood cats do.

Sadly, we couldn't soak up the sun as much as we may have wanted to
because our world is currently coated with a sulphuric yellow-green powder,
also known as pollen. To stay motionless even a moment leaves everyone dusted.

So we went about our business running errands and doing chores.
But I noticed more azaleas are in bloom. 
Tidewater Virginia is known for its beautiful azaleas.
I'm sure Monet would have painted them had he lived here.

This image copied from google images,

But I also noticed that the wild moss pinks, also called creeping phlox,
are blooming. They are so vivid pink, it's hard to overlook them,
especially when they are allowed to roam freely.
They easily  turn an open field into a carpet of pink, as in this uncredited photo
from the Ohito Zuisyenko Flower Festival, 

from Ohito Zuisyenko Flower Festival, uncredited

Here's one included by Malaysian blogger Ahmadhi Syam,
on his blog light|
The attribution in the photo reads
Shiba Sakura,

"Moss Pink in Hakkaido,"posted  by Ahmadhi Syam
photo by Shiba Sakura

And this one by Shiba Sakura, also on the light| blog:

When azaleas brighten the landscape 
and creeping phlox turn the world a bright pink,
it can only mean spring is finally here.
And doesn't that feel good?

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