Monday, April 29, 2013


"The Return of the Goddess: A Rainbow of Iris"

The iris are blooming about two weeks late this year,
but any iris in full flower is well worth the wait.
I have always loved iris. Nothing can compare with their beauty.
Whether viewing a single flower's delicately curved petals up close,
or catching sight of a mass of iris grouped together in a brush stroke of color,
the pleasing effect is the same.

Here are some more of my favorite rainbow iris:

Is there anything more nostalgic than this soft blue?

Purple and white bi-colors offer a feeling of vitality:

I can't resist the mystery of this black iris:

This peach iris has "southern belle" written all over it:

On a cloudy spring day, a golden yellow iris
is the only sunshine we need:

And  one of my favorites, a deep royal purple:

I wanted to end with a quote about iris,
but not finding any, I decided a quote by Iris,
Iris Murdoch that is, would be as good:

People from a planet without flowers 
would think we must be mad with joy
the whole time to have such things about us.

I agree. What can inspire more happiness than flowers in the spring?

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