Friday, April 12, 2013

Redbud Trees

"The Delights of Redbuds in the Spring"

When I was in college and away from home for the first time,
I saw the most beautiful flowering trees on the campus one spring.
I remember leaving the sidewalk and walking across the grass
 to examine one of them up close. 
I was mystified by the tiny violet flowers popping out along the branches,
and I thought it was the most beautiful tree I had ever seen.

It's funny how some memories stick with us.
Even though it's been decades and I've seen many redbud trees since then,
nothing compares to the sense of awe and wonder I felt the first time I saw one.


about the redbud trees at my house--
two trees grown from tiny volunteer sprouts 
I had found growing around the foundations 
of my mother-in-law's house after her death. 
They had sprouted from seeds from a tree that she had duct-taped together 
after its trunk was split in a high wind.


Today, ten years later, those tiny sprouts 
are tall enough to be seen from an upstairs window.
I'm looking forward to walking into that room in a spring or two 
and seeing the windows filled with those wondrous purple blossoms.
And they fit right into our neighborhood, 
which is home to dozens of redbud trees.


On a dark and rainy day like this one looks to become,
those flowering redbuds transport me back to sunny days
when so many things were yet to be discovered.
Redbuds--one of those little treasures life brings us 
without our ever having to ask.

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