Sunday, April 14, 2013

Dogwood Trees

"The Delights of Flowering Dogwoods in the Spring"

After a string of warm to hot days here in the Shire,
spring has burst forth with many delights for winter weary souls.
Not the least of these is the flowering dogwood,
one of my most favorite spring-flowering trees.
Nothing compares to their lacy whiteness or their delicate pink blossoms.


the dogwood tree is the state tree of Missouri, where I was born
and where part of  my heart remains; 
and the dogwood is also the state tree of Virginia,
where I've lived most of my adult life 
and where another part of my heart dwells.

Virginia also claims the dogwood blossom as its state flower,
as does North Carolina to our south.
It's easy to see why so many people love dogwood trees.
Here are a few images that capture the beauty of dogwoods in spring:

A pink dogwood ... 

an avenue of white and pink dogwoods in full flower:
pink and white dogwoods, Lexington KY

and white dogwoods in the forest green:

I can't imagine April without the delicate charm of the flowering dogwood.
It makes spring worth the wait.

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