Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Spring Field

The fields breathe sweet ...

  --"Spring, the Sweet Spring" 
by Thomas Nashe

When I was looking for photos for yesterday's blog post
about the fields of henbit I saw in the Midwest,
I came across a number of photos that captured
the beauty of  fields full of the colors of spring.
They are so striking, I thought I would share them.
This photo appears to be of a field of tulips:

photo, morguefile.com

I'm not at all sure what field flowers are in the following photo, 
but they are a pretty yellow:

photo, morguefile.com

And what could be lovelier than a field of Texas blue bonnets?

photo, morguefile.com

This next photo is a lavender field,
so it's not officially a spring field,
but it is so spectacular I thought I would add it anyway.
It reminds me of a color we used to call lavender blue:

photo, morguefile.com

On the 24th, there will be the Pink Full Moon, so called because 
the full moon of April shines down on fields of wild  phlox,
creating rose-colored moonlight.
The following photo is from the blog Not Dabbling in Normal"
and simply captioned "Wild Phlox"
posted by Sincerely, Emily.

Springtime brings banks of flowers both cultivated and wild.
They color hillsides and open fields in spectacular hues.
No wonder so many cities and towns across America
are named Springfield.

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