Thursday, January 23, 2014

Winter Carnival

I was reminded today about the annual
Winter Carnival that takes place in Norfolk from mid-November 
through mid-January. 
Since I'm not one for winter festivities--
besides drinking tea and watching old movies while wrapped in an afghan--
I never have gone, and I missed it again this year.
I hadn't known about the ice palace though.
I hope it returns next year so I can go see it.

The ice palace at MacArthur Center Mall in Norfolk, Virginia

And really, cold weather aside, the Carnival looks like a lot of fun.
It includes an outdoor ice skating rink,
Ferris wheel, and indoors until Christmas, an ice palace.
Those who enjoy cold weather activities would probably love this Carnival.

The year we lived in Wisconsin,
 we went to a winter festival in Milwaukee.
And Milwaukee, like other cities in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan,
 celebrates winter in all its frigid glory.
The best elements of winter festivals are the ice sculptures.
They are so breathtakingly beautiful.
They make the freezing temperatures worth it.

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