Friday, January 3, 2014

Cold Weather

Cold weather has arrived in the Shire.
While it is not as cold as in some places,
it's definitely cold from my perspective.
A high today of 32 degrees,
a low expected in the 20s--that's extreme cold here.
When I lived in Wisconsin, a high of 32 degrees 
prompted many to don shorts and lay out in the sun.
Not me, of course.

Generally, I can't think of  many good things to say about cold weather,
but today was clear and bright 
and the sun sparkled on the rivers and streams
like so many diamonds cast on the water.

It takes cold weather to achieve that effect,
but the beauty of the reflections doesn't help
the discomfort of  walking in the cold and wind.

But if there were a cure for the uncommon cold,
I'd say it involves hot tea, cocoa, or soup,
and maybe a dog or two curled up next to you on the couch.
It may not help chase the cold away, 
but it can't hurt.

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