Saturday, January 11, 2014

Run or Walk in the Rain?

Today in the Shire was cloudy and damp.
The sky was filled with lots of heavy rain clouds,
the kind that move fast and swirl like a cat chasing its tail.
And then around four o'clock, the wind picked up
and the sky turned as dark as night and the rain pounded down.

I went out to do some errands anyway.
I always keep an umbrella in the car in case it rains,
but I often find myself debating if I should use it.
In heavy unrelenting cloudbursts or downpours, yes. 
But if it's merely a steady rain shower, 
I begin to think about carrying a messy wet umbrella 
around with me in the store or gym,
and I hesitate.
And then I decide to brave the rain without it for convenience sake.

So without an umbrella, 
should I run or walk to stay a little drier?
According to Adam Daichis at,
running will keep you driest,
especially if you lean forward.
Daichis observes that when he sees people 
running in the rain,
they always have a confused and bewildered look on their faces.
I think when I was running to and from my car in the rain tonight,
I had a look of quiet determination.
At least  I hope so. ;-)

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