Friday, October 18, 2013

Hunter's Moon

So the night of Friday, October 18th hosts a full moon
called the Hunter's Moon.
Supposedly this full moon is called the Hunter's Moon
because it lights the night,
enabling hunters to hunt later and stock up on food 
before winter's cold dark days and long nights begin.

Image: Hunter's Moon over Athens
Photo Credit: Elias Chasiotis

This October full moon is different 
because the shadow of the earth is supposed to be visible
on the moon's surface.
this is called the penumbral lunar eclipse.

Walking under the light of a full moon
is pretty cool because its light shines bright enough
 that you can see where you are going in the darkness.
Or, you could dance.

The lyrics from the 1844 American standard "Buffalo Gals"
would be a good song to hum while you're out there:

Buffalo gals won't you come out tonight
won't you come out tonight...
and dance by the light of the moon.

What else have you got to do?

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