Thursday, October 24, 2013

Homemade Halloween Decorations

You know Halloween has become a cultural mainstay
when even middle-aged men start talking about how they plan to celebrate.

So with every one wanting to get in on the joys of the holiday,
let's continue our countdown to Halloween.
I thought I'd share some ideas for homemade Halloween decorations
that I've found on the internet.

First up, friendly little ghosts.
These are from Country Living magazine.
The Country Living link includes step-by-step directions
and they are super easy to make using balloons, cheesecloth,
and fabric stiffener.

cheesecloth ghost craft project
Photo: Laura Moss

Aren't these felt bats clever?
These are from Country Living magazine online also.
The instructions say all you need is a pair of scissors,
but I have a feeling there's a bit more expertise required.
Here's a link to the instructions: 

Photo: Mikkel Vang

Aren't these glow in the dark ghosts cute?
They are made by inserting a couple of 8-hour glow-in-the-dark light sticks
and then painting on a face using black magic marker. 
Click on the link below the photo for instructions.

Here's another use for glow sticks from
Use paper towel or toilet paper cardboard and cut different eye shapes
and then fill them with a light stick.
The Listotic instructions say that these can be placed in shrubs and trees
so only glowing eyes are visible once darkness comes.
Sounds like fun.

This last one is super easy. 
All you need is fallen leaves and an old pair of boots.

But if you don't have piles of leaves or old boots,
how about this: 
put a fake raven in a cage and call it done.

Tomorrow, more Halloween fun.

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