Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Amazing Jack o' Lanterns

In recent years, people have become wildly creative 
with their jack o'lanterns.
Once all you needed was a sharp knife and a candle
to create a glowing lantern out of a pumpkin.
But today, you need a drill, a knife set, sculpting tools, and a lot of artistic talent.
For example, look at these squashes and gourds:
Spooky Halloween Emblem: Jack-o'-lantern; Scary Faces for Halloween 2011 [Zombie Pumpkin PHOTOS]

Or how about this expressive creature?

Pretty amazing, this one:

Or you could just zip it:

You might grimace too if you had a small pumpkin
stuck in your forehead.
Is this what it looks like when a pumpkin gets a little headache?

This last one is clearly contemplative--
probably wondering how long he has 
before he's carted off to the compost pile.


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