Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Halloween Party Favors

As we get closer to Halloween,
thoughts naturally turn to parties and gatherings.
I think the idea of a party favor is charming,
and it is a custom that goes back several centuries
in one mode or another.
Some of the earliest party favors were small bags of sugar--
 which was very expensive--
or sugar coated almonds.

Following are some cute party favors I found on the web.
Aren't these little tissue paper pumpkins a cute idea?
are filled with candy and small toys or rings:

Here are some transparent bags of popcorn
fixed up to look like friendly little ghosts:

I don't think you can ever go wrong with decorated sugar cookies
like these Halloween shapes from Cookies by Design in Fort Worth:

These orange and black boxes filled with candy corn
by Jean M. Stationery and Accessories blog
are simple and fun:

that has 21 Halloween part favors and they are all cute.
Here is my favorite, a bat whose wings fold over a candy bar:

I'm not sure I like this one the best 
because it's clever to have the wings fold over to close the package
 or if I like it because there is a candy bar involved.
Either way, it would be delightful to leave the party with one.

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