Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Colorful Bird Houses

Although the "moving" bird houses showcased 
in yesterday's blog were cute,
I think the ones in today's blog post are really cute.
See if you agree.

This first photo is actually a jigsaw puzzle, 
but it is so bright and colorful I wanted to include it.
The colors are wildly vivid. I bet cardinals, blue jays, and goldfinches
would be able to come and go practically incognito.

This is a great idea from the Wordpress blog Living in a Picture.
The homeowners put unpainted bird houses on a tree
at their lake house, and then invite their visitors
to express their creativity and create a memory by adding color::

Here are some colorful bamboo egg bird houses 

And these artistic bird houses 
evoke the charm of late summer days:

This one, a design by "Rachael's Whimsical Retro Birdhouse Functional"
that I saw on thisnext.com says happy welcome.
I like the way the pink impatiens match the pink on the bird house.

A large collection of colorful bird houses
would be a pretty addition in any landscape.
I wonder if the birds would agree?
Here's the answer: yes. 
Birds are capable of seeing more colors in the spectrum than humans can.
Here's an interesting article about it from Yale News:

So paint on!

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