Sunday, June 1, 2014

Bee Friendly Flowers

Last night, I ran across a file  I had saved to my computer but forgotten.
It was a listing of bee friendly plants. The web link is no longer active,
but here's a partial listing I got from the site that was called
Bee-Friendly Annual Flowers include:

The list of Bee-Friendly Perennial Flowers is much longer and  includes:
Clematis, Coneflower, Cosmos, Crocus
Dahlias, Foxglove, Geraniums, Globe Amaranth,
Hollyhocks, Hyacinths,
Roses, Sedums, and Snowdrops.

Bee-friendly flowers contribute to the circle of life:
we plant and enjoy spring and summer flowers that the bees like,
and the bees' pollination brings us more flowers to enjoy.
That's as perfect as perfect gets.

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