Thursday, June 5, 2014

Garden Walls

When the deep purple falls over sleepy garden walls ...
                                                  --Mitchell Parish

In Surry County, Virginia there is an historic house called Bacon's Castle. 
I had always heard of garden walls 
and had some romantic notions about drifting shadows and soft ivy,
 but I never understood a garden wall's functionality 
until I saw the one there at the Castle. 
The wall's primary purpose back then was to collect the warmth of the sun
so plants could get an earlier start in the spring.
You might say garden walls are the perfect marriage of beauty and functionality.

Following are a few images of garden walls I found online.
This one is at Sissinghurst in the United Kingdom.
I love the blue gate:
2013-09-12 09.55.45 Sissinghurst

This next one is a low wall, not as fancy as the one at Sissinghurst, 
but I love the way the foliage drapes over the side 
and softens the hard edge of the stone:

My favorite garden walls 
are the old ones built in England over its long history.
This one is at Chartwell, Winston Churchill's home.

Tomorrow, a look at the more modern versions of sleepy garden walls.

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