Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Not many years ago,
coneflowers only came in purple.
Today, there are white ones, white ones with double blossoms,
salsa orange ones, and yellow ones--probably more.
I like coneflowers because they are tough and don't take a lot of water.
But most of all, they are just pretty.
Here are a few colorful coneflowers.

Salsa orange brings a little excitement to the garden. Mine just bloomed.

I planted some of these white ones with the double blossoms. 
This one is called "milkshake":

I've never seen yellow ones before, and even though they are pretty,
I think I'll stick with Black-eyed Susans for this color combination:

Even though coneflowers come in multiple colors  now,
I'm still partial to the purple:

What's your favorite coneflower color?

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