Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Outdoor Rooms

In the 50s, we called them patios;
today, we call them outdoor rooms.
This one is simple and has that retro feel:

I have a shaded outdoor room. It's modest, but it suits my purposes just fine
because I love being able to sit or eat outside in the summer. 
But following are a few that are a bit more elaborate than mine.

I love this one with the blue trellis walls. 
It would be easy to nap or read here--
once you squeezed in!

This next one has a bit more of a rustic ambience and more leg room:

This next one looks very comfortable. 
Yet when I see outdoor rooms like this and the second one above,
I always think they must be in regions that don't get much rain
or tree debris like we get here.

So now that your'e inspired ...

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